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U.S States With Top Divorce Rate

usa divorce rate states

In a recently released report by the United States Census Bureau, some startling statistics were discovered. The information provided was based on a sampling of no less then three million households. It showed a wide variance by region, pertaining to the divorce of men and women in America. It also was somewhat surprising in nature as to where, in fact, the rate of divorce is highest. I think one automatically assumes that states with larger metropolitan areas such as New York and California would see a higher incidence of marital failures. But, alas, the northeast portion of the country has the lowest number. For purposes of this report, the northeast United States included, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont and Rhode Island.

So where, you ask, were the highest occurences reported? The South.

Southern states identified were Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida, Alabams, Mississippi, Tennesee, Georgia, Arkansas, Virginia and West Virginia along with both North and South Carolina. For reasons known only by them, the Census Bureau also identified Delaware and the Disrict of Columbia being southern venues. For men, Arkansas leads the way, followed by Oklahoma, Alabama and Kentucky. Maine of the northeast, snuck in at number two of the top five.

In the womens bracket, we have ranked two thru five, Oklahoma, Alabama, Kentucky and Arkansas.The number one state for divorced women was none other then Sarah Palins home state of Alaska. No association between Ms. Palin and divorce is intended nor implied. For every one thousand men in the southern states listed above, slightly over ten are divorced. With southern women, the number is around eleven for every thousand. As a point of comparison, the northeast showed a little above seven for men and seven and a half for women out of the same one thousand standard. Nationally, its 9.2 men and 9.7 women per 1,000 who have ended their marriages.

In fairness to the southern folks, it should be noted that there is a higher frequency of marriages among them, which would explain, to a certain degree, why more divorces may follow. We must also defend members of the fairer sex, by stating the higher divorce rate of women versus men is, at least, in part, due to the fact that females live longer and tend to marry older gentlemen. The "gents" on the other hand also remarry more often, increasing the number of marriages used to determine these figures.

Generally speaking, fewer couples are marrying today then in the past. In just the past ten years, the percentage has decreased by five percent from fifty seven to fifty two for individuals who are at least eighteen years of age.Even the current recession we are allegedly coming out of, is having an impact on marriage and subsequently the rate of divorce in the United States. Young couples in the current economic environment and job market are understandably reluctant to marry prior to finding good employment opportunities which, as we all know, are presently few and far between. Even upon being fortunate enough to find a good job, their confidence in the future of the U.S. economy and how it relates to long term commitments such as the purchase of a home and/or having children gives them much cause for concern.

Divorce Rates in European countries

There are different reasons why people divorce. However, Jill Kirby, the proponent of the study by the Centre for Policy studies, claims that Britain’s tax system might have contributed to the increase of the divorce rate. If you will observe, the Britain Tax system has already removed the married couple’s tax allowance on April of 2002. This is not the case in Germany because unlike Britain, married couples in Germany have the choice of combining their two tax allowances in order to maximize the amount that will be tax free.
Another reason cited by Denise Knowles, a well-known marriage guidance counselor, is the way of living or overall lifestyle of British people. She cited the long working hours and the increased demands of the employers from their workers that led to the demise of many marriages. Many individuals involved in the study had to commute and go long distance. Because of this, they don't get too spend quality time with their partners and family members. Job stress and the inability to make time to make the marriage work is one major cause.
Other issues that contribute to the demise of the relationship and high divorce rates in European countries is pre-marital birth and problems dealing with previous divorce. There are so many underlying issues that can hinder the growth of the marriage. Economic status and shift affect the family structure and the unusual high demands from an individual take their toll. There are also other factors like differences in what people want out of life. Since there are more options to choose from and people have more ways to express themselves, marriage is seen by some as a hindrance to opportunities.
One another note, when compared to the divorce rate of the United States which is 4.95 per 1,000 people the divorce rates in European countries are still lesser. This could be due to factors like compulsory waiting periods when it comes to the finalization of the divorce and the mandatory counseling that couples have to go through in Europe before they can finalize the divorce.
Religion can likewise be a contributing factor to the decrease of the divorce rates in Europe. A large percentage of people residing in Europe are Orthodox Christian or Catholic and these religions do not see divorce as a solution to the disagreements and dissatisfaction experienced in marriage. They in fact encourage working things out with the help of a marriage counselor.

Hollywood's 7 Shocking Divorces

Divorce in Hollywood is a common phenomenon among celebrity couples. Actors and actresses get married only to recognise that they are not perfect for each other. Some of them divorce on grounds of infidelity, while others feel that they cannot tolerate some behaviour from their partners. A small number of those who divorce do not have sufficient reasons, and they often engage some literal fight in the process. However, end of marriage does not mean the end of happiness and friendship, and most of them continue with their friendship while others chose to settle down with better partners.

Brad and Jennifer

 Brad Pitt’s marriage with Jennifer Aniston is one of the saddest in Hollywood. The couple broke up after five years of a blissful and successful marriage because of infidelity. The break up began when Pitt started going out with Angelina, both of whom were successful movie starts. After denying claims of infidelity, the couple finally filed for a divorce.

Jessica and Nick

Nick and Jessica

Nick Lachey is another star who could not hold on to the marriage vows he made to Jessica Simpson. Merely four years after their blissful union and a perfect companionship, the couple decided to give their fans a shocker by announcing their separation.

Carmen and Dave 

Carmen and Dave 

Carmen Electra’s wedding was one of the widely celebrated. Her decision to love Dave Navarro forever was a moment captured by an MTV show, promising the world of an eternal union. However, things did not go as expected and their divorce soon filled the media space.

 Charley and Denise

  Charley and Denise 

Charlie Sheen is another perfect husband who turned out a cheat. He tried cheating on his wife, Denise Richards, therefore breaking the couple apart. Charlie was also reported being involved in gambling, and Denise felt that he was not fit to father her unborn baby. Charlie could not help gambling and cheating, and so Denise gave him a break never to look back.

Bruce and Demi

Bruce and Demi

After spending more than a decade together, Bruce Willis and his wife Demi Moore decided to call it quits. A celebrity couple, they joined in the club of failed celebrity marriages. They already had three kids, and Demi chose to move with them to her new husband, actor Ashton Kutcher.

Tom and Nicole

Tom and Nicole

Tom Cruise is one of those husbands who could not tolerate the career of his wife, Nicole Kidman. Ten years down the line, they felt that their careers were keeping them apart. They used this as the reason for their divorce, and both moved in with new partners.

Reese and Ryan

 Reese and Ryan

 Reese Witherspoon shocked the world when he quietly agreed to the divorce terms presented by his wife of 7 years, Ryan Philippe. They did not argue over anything, and Reese agreed to leave his wife the fortune she had asked for in the divorce papers.





Choosing a Lawyer For Divorce

Find a Good Divorce Lawyer

People find it difficult to choose a suitable lawyer for divorce because they are overwhelmed by the fact that their marriage is about to come to an end. The role of a divorce attorney is to handle your divorce proceedings and make sure you make the right decisions. There are many lawyers in the market, and you will need to be careful when choosing one since the outcomes of the divorce highly depend on the skills and experience of the attorney. There are some tips which you can follow to make sure you choose only the best divorce lawyer.


When choosing a lawyer for divorce, look for a lawyer who is experienced.  You should hire a lawyer who has been practicing for several years and one with a good reputation. Look at the past experience of the lawyer and how he has performed in past divorce cases especially where child custody and marital disputes are involved. You can easily check the reputation of the lawyer on his website where you can read customer testimonials. Choose the lawyer if you get positive reviews only, but you should search for another attorney if you find complaints.

Choose a divorce lawyer

The specialization of the lawyer is another thing you should consider when choosing a lawyer for divorce. There are some lawyers who handle different fields and this might not be a good choice. You should look for a lawyer who specializes in divorce only since he is likely to have more experience in dealing with divorce matters. Some lawyers can deceive you that they are specialists hence you will need to be very careful when making you choice.

Choose a lawyer who is familiar with your case

If you and you partner have agreed on separation and how to share the assets, you should have no problem choosing a lawyer for divorce. However, you may have some difficulty finding a good lawyer if you expect to have problems and contentions. Some couples can not agree on children custody and how to share assets, and you will need a lawyer who can represent you to make sure your rights are respected. For instance, look for a divorce lawyer with a reputable financial foundation if you are expecting to have problems in asset division.

Personal preference

Look for a lawyer you are comfortable with since you will need to communicate a lot during the trial. A good lawyer should be willing to listen to your opinion and advise you whether it is right or wrong. This way he can make you feel that you are still in control of the case. Some women prefer choosing lawyers for divorce who are women because they can identify with them. Men, on the other hand, prefer to work with male divorce lawyers. However, you must make sure that the lawyer is skilled enough to in spite of his or her gender.

Choose a collaborative lawyer

A collaborative lawyer has some background in mediation and can mediate between you and you partner to prevent the divorce from becoming long and humiliating. Couples who have children should consider hiring a collaborative divorce lawyer for the sake of their children. Keep in mind that your kids need both of you and should therefore part in good terms for their well-being.


You will need to consider the charges when choosing a lawyer for divorce. Make sure you know the amount you are willing to spend on the case and then choose a lawyer who suits your budget. The cost can vary for different lawyers, but you should be able to find a cheap divorce lawyer if you shop around and compare price quote of several divorce attorneys. The best place to compare prices is online since you can do it at the comfort of your home.

Divorce period is a confusing time for both partners and they can do things they will regret in the future. This is why you need a divorce lawyer to handle your case as you try to help your kids cope. A good attorney can advise you about your rights and make sure you make informed decisions. He can also help you with documentation. You should follow the tips for choosing a lawyer for divorce to make sure you get only the best option available.